A Brief Introduction to BlueCreek

BlueCreek Investment Partners is a goal-oriented wealth management firm that serves diverse clients from across the country at a wide range of income levels. We’re here to serve you by providing complimentary financial planning services, long-term investment strategies, and sound asset management.

In an industry where experience and knowledge come standard, BlueCreek goes above and beyond by pursuing the highest standard of client services.

Always there when you need us, always more than you expect.

Our clients value our experience, but even more, they value our ability to combine years of expertise with a friendly, goal-oriented approach. At BlueCreek, this is just the way we do business: Each of our clients enjoys face-to-face consultations and completely customized investment strategies.

BlueCreek’s team of professionals represents over 200 years of experience in the financial industry, but we feel our experience means little if we can’t use it to help others. With our emphasis on service, we’ve been working with clients and members of our community since 2003, managing portfolios, directing investments, and offering good financial advice.


The BlueCreek Advantage

Our high standard of service shapes not only the way we relate to clients, but also the way we do business. BlueCreek is fundamentally structured to prevent conflicts of interest. The following tenets help ensure that your interests are our only interests.

Fee-Based Compensation
For wealth management services, BlueCreek collects a fee based on a percentage of assets managed. There are no per-transaction fees or other expenses to you. We choose investments that we believe best suit your needs, and if a more suitable investment comes along, we can make the change at no added cost to you, ensuring the primary motivation for new investment selection is always your potential for benefit.

Independent Research
Independent research means that BlueCreek portfolio managers don’t draw research from any single source, but rather from a wide range of prominent financial institutions. Evaluating strategies and projections from a broad array of sources helps BlueCreek cultivate a strong, thorough understanding of the market. As a result, our advisors fully appreciate the weight of every risk and the value of every opportunity.

Open Architecture
BlueCreek’s open platform encourages diverse and customized wealth management plans. Our clients are never limited to internal products or one-size-fits-all packages, and we don’t mandate preferred investment funds. Our advisors have the freedom to choose investments based on their performance track record and on their potential suitability to your needs.


The Process

At BlueCreek, we like to do business face-to-face so that we can get to know our clients and more effectively communicate. We encourage all prospective clients or anyone looking for financial advice to give us a call and plan to visit us at our offices. We’d love to have a warm conversation about your goals and what we can do to help you reach them.

Every relationship begins with an introduction. At our first meeting, we’ll explain our values, our work, and our process in a little more depth, while you describe your goals, risk tolerance levels, and all of the other factors that make your financial needs unique.

Oftentimes the hardest part of planning is knowing the right questions to ask. At our first meeting, we’ll help you work through a few brief questionnaires that help us identify your specific set of financial challenges and advantages. Most of our clients find these materials very helpful, and the process of exploring and documenting your finances can produce invaluable results.

At our next meeting, we’ll present you with a financial plan that combines our expertise with the information you provided in our

first discussion. These meetings and the financial plan are provided at no cost to you, and represent a great value whether you choose to become a valued client or not.

If you choose to retain our wealth management services, it is important to us to maintain consistent contact with you so that you always know the status of your investments. You can arrange with your advisor to contact you monthly, quarterly, or as often as you like.

In addition to regular calls, we issue quarterly updates and invite clients into the office to perform annual reviews. These reviews track the progress your funds are making, update your expectations for future growth, and make sure that your goals and priorities are still consistent with your original plan.


Get in Touch

Because everyone has a unique financial situation, we encourage everyone who may be interested in our services to get in touch. We'd be glad to sit down with you and discuss your financial possibilities at no cost to you. If you think you could benefit from our services, we invite you to complete this form. We'll contact you soon to set up a time where we can talk about your needs and goals. Alternately, you can call our office at (256) 704-5111.

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