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Keel Point and BlueCreek Investment Partners Announce Merger

Posted Jan 6, 2015 | Robert C. Mayes

Keel Point and BlueCreek Investment Partners Announce Merger
Boutique Investment Advisors Combine to Meet Growing Client Needs

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BlueCreek Investment Partners, LLC announces new advisor joins the team.

Posted Nov 27, 2013 | Robert C. Mayes

BlueCreek Investment Partners, LLC announced this week that Abraham M. Glaser will join their Leawood branch office as a Financial Advisor. Abraham brings to BlueCreek more than a decade of experience gained in financial services industry.

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BlueCreek Investment Partners Announces Thomas O’Connor Achieves CFP® Practitioner Cert

Posted Aug 12, 2013 | Robert C. Mayes

HUNTSVILLE, AL – AUGUST 12, 2013 – BlueCreek Investment Partners is pleased to announce that Thomas O’Connor, CFP®, Financial Advisor, has been authorized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. to use the CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification marks in accordance with CFP Board certification and renewal requirements.

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Time to Understand Duration Risk

Posted Aug 8, 2013 | Robert C. Mayes

There has been much written and debated of late about the Federal Reserve “tapering” (i.e., reducing) its current quantitative easing program of purchasing $85 billion per month of U.S.

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BlueCreek Investment Partners Announces that John Ruh will join their Leawood branch office

Posted Jan 23, 2013 | Robert C. Mayes

BlueCreek Investment Partners, LLC, announced this week that John Ruh will join their Leawood branch office as a Financial Advisor.

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Market & Economic Commentary

Posted Aug 9, 2012 | Jason D. Landers

Greetings, In spite of nearly every imaginable source of adversity (European crisis, Dubai bankruptcy, Egypt, Libya, China, “Fiscal Cliff”, JP Morgan, labor force, housing, student loans, municipalities, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, etc.) the U.S. economy has found itself in its 12th consecutive quarter of positive GDP growth. And though the market roller coaster seems to have driven many investors away from “risky” assets and into “safe” assets, the S&P 500 is experiencing its 4th consecutive year of gains.

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Message from the CEO

Posted Apr 12, 2012 | Robert C. Mayes

Much has been written in recent days on the credibility of investment banking firms, particularly since the firestorm ignited by Greg Smith’s March 14th public resignation from Goldman Sachs. Investor confidence is at an all time low regarding Wall Street, and the bailouts following the financial meltdown of 2007-2008 continue to act as sirens coloring public opinion.

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Fourth Quarter Commentary

Posted Jan 12, 2012 | Jason D. Landers

George Bernard Shaw once said, “If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion.”

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John Christensen Appointed to Kansas 529 Committee

Posted Apr 21, 2011 | Robert C. Mayes

The Senior Financial Advisor of BlueCreek’s new Leawood, Kansas office, John Christensen, has been appointed to the Learning Quest 529 Treasurer’s Advisory Committee.

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BlueCreek Investment Partners announces new branch office in Leawood, Kansas

Posted Apr 18, 2011 | Robert C. Mayes

BlueCreek Investment Partners today announced the opening of a new branch office at 4000 West 114th Street, Suite 150, in Leawood, Kansas.

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Fourth Quarter 2010 Commentary - A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Posted Jan 7, 2011 | Calvin Brown

Forecasting of any kind is a risky proposition. Anytime one goes out on a limb and makes a prognostication about anything—a sporting event, political elections, the weather—one risks making a fool of oneself!

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Third Quarter Commentary - An Early Thanksgiving

Posted Oct 29, 2010 | Calvin Brown

It is often said that the investment business is a humbling one. While those of us who have been in this profession going on thirty years have certainly enjoyed periods of great success, we have also experienced, particularly over the past decade, excruciatingly humbling episodes. But what truly humbles us, in the greatest sense of the word, is the trust and confidence our clients have placed in BlueCreek Investment Partners.

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